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HDCreate custom, interactive project reports and dashboards in minutes from anywhere, on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Get the single source of the truth in an instant in the format you choose.

HD Project Intelligence allows you to pump your data into secure, live project portals in the cloud to get a handle on reporting and analysis. Get project alerts and organize budgets, actuals, progress, forecasts, and more from your estimating, scheduling, and ERP systems with HD Project Intelligence.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s low-risk. Manage all data, your way, right here, right now with HD Project Intelligence.

Save Millions, Harness the Power of the UCCW

We’ve built our Unified Cost Control Warehouse (UCCW) so that you don’t have to spend millions building, testing, and maintaining your own secure, organized data warehouse. We’ve also automatically mapped the data, and built the industry-standard reports, saving you even more time and money. Just bring your data and take the rest of the afternoon off, we’ve done all the heavy lifting.


Visualize and interact with your data the way you want to see it! (Click any photo to expand.)

HD Project Intelligence Earned Value AnalysisHD Project Intelligence Graph
HD Project Intelligence Dashboards: Project Plan and EV PlanHD Project Intelligence Map
HD Project Intelligence Forecast Budget Variance SummaryHD Project Intelligence Labor / Man Hours

Reports, Dashboards, and Graphs Include:

Customers, Subs, Suppliers
Earned Value (cost)
Earned Value (man-hours)
Forecast Budget Variance
Man-Hour Burn Down
Portfolio Budget Comparison
Portfolio Cost
Portfolio CPI
Portfolio Man-Hour Performance
Portfolio SPI and CPI
Portfolio Status
Portfolio Work in Progress
Project Budget Comparison
Project Changes
Project Cost by Cost Type
Project Cost Summary
Project CPI
Project Man Hour Performance
Project Man-Hours
Project Pipeline
Project Productivity
Project Progress
Project SPI
Project Status
Subcontractor Status
Supplier Utilization
Top Customers
Top Suppliers

Fueled by Industry Demand

HD Project Intelligence was created by industry users for industry users – across multiple job types including: infrastructure/heavy civil, transportation, mining, oil and gas, shutdowns, maintenance, environmental, and general contractor. HD Project Intelligence is so easy to use, even the CEO can create reports!

Centralize Project Collaboration

Invite internal and external project team members into a secure HD Project Intelligence report and analysis portal. Enable filtered views to provide relevant project data specific to each user.

Receive Project Alerts

Leverage KPI alerts that notify groups or individuals around key performance indicators. Email reports, KPIs, and alerts directly to smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Define Custom Screens and Reporting

Gain fast user adoption with familiar views and reports. Enable power-user and new-user specific views to match expertise. Define corporate-standard views and reports specific to each user type, creating smoother adoption by all users without technical support nightmares. Allow users to customize views and reports eliminating costly, drawn-out IT engagements.

Deliver Project Views in Minutes

Analyze massive data models while creating unique views to share in a fraction of the time it takes to analyze information with spreadsheets across disparate systems. Crunching data for weekly and monthly reports is a thing of the past with HD Project Intelligence; automatically update data and create interactive dashboards and reports to send to the individuals that need them.

Reduce Risk for All Project Stakeholders

Executive dashboards provide graphic metrics to monitor current and projected performance, with exception reporting on critical KPIs. Daily project updates deliver project status at the summary and detail level to view performance by area, location, discipline, work type, account code, or other area of interest. Manage project risk areas by exception to increase visibility and save time sifting through reports.

Built to Scale for All Project Demands

HD Project Intelligence is a web-based service, built using powerful servers, robust database engines, and computer power that stands up to terabytes of data. HD Project Intelligence also connects to key data sources and structures information in a centralized industry standard data warehouse, the Unified Cost Control Warehouse (UCCW). The UCCW optimizes speed and scalability no matter the size of the organization’s data. HD Project Intelligence handles thousands of projects, millions of data records and terabytes of data.

Access Data Worldwide

HD Project Intelligence offers anytime, anywhere access to secured project data. HD Project Intelligence offers a secured data connection to your project cost management information in the cloud, enabling all project stakeholders immediate access to key project data from anywhere.

Establish Role-Based Security

Establish security and control of intellectual property. Control and track team members’ access to business data while maintaining complete security, confidentiality, tracking, and system access rights.

Automate Scheduled Report Updates

No more wasted time updating spreadsheets or organizing reports, databases, and weekly project models to get to the data that helps you make decisions. Improve your data-tracking efficiency and reduce reporting costs.

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